5 of the Best Deck Chairs You Should Own

5 of the Best Deck Chairs You Should Own

Deck chairs are not only made to give you a space to sit on; they are specially designed to make their users relaxed and at ease. This is because people sit on them in order to enjoy the moment and set their worries free.

Deck chairs are built to be placed not necessarily outdoors, but in terraces and decks of the house. They are positioned in a manner that the people who are going to sit on them will be able to see and appreciate the view in front, and at the same time to accommodate simple afternoon chitchats with friends. They’re also great to compliment pool furniture (be sure to check out our poolside furniture ideas post)

Deck chairs are not necessarily a form of luxury, but their prices tend to be more than the average chair you can buy in the department store. This is understandable however, as these pieces of furniture are made of sturdy materials, come in structures that offer both function and comfort, and are crafted to withstand the outside environment.

It is thus important that you choose the right kind of deck chair as you will not only be spending a hefty sum of money for it; you will also be making memories with it over the years.

If you are planning to buy a deck chair anytime soon, then below are five of the best deck chairs based on structure, durability, style and price. This way you can come up with a better decision on which chair to purchase and place in your home.

1. Wicker Deep Seating Outdoor Recliner

Available at Bed Bath and Beyond, this deck chair comes in a modern rustic design. While it is considerably lightweight, this chair has a sturdy built, and offers a spacious seating. It also has contemporary design, thus you can place it not only outdoors, but also inside your living room.

2. Garden Treasures Patio Chair

If you want a simple skeleton chair that’s made of metal, the Garden Treasures Patio Chair would be a good choice. For one, it comes in a sturdy, balanced framework, and it is designed to evenly distribute the weight of the person sitting on it. This chair is also more intended for outdoor use, as it is resilient to draft and rain exposure.

3. Sunset Pier Outdoor Deluxe Chair

Also made of wicker, the Sunset Pier Outdoor Deluxe Chair offers more than just undaunted functionality; it also offers style. The intricate wicker crafting of this chair will definitely remind you of home, as it provides a motherly appeal.

This chair is perfect for mothers, as well as for homeowners who wish to brighten up their vacation houses or cottages in the country. Those who wish to use it indoors may place this chair as a part of the living room ensemble, although in a way it could look like a throne.

While this chair doesn’t come with cushions, it is already comfortable to sit on. You may want to add the cushions later on when you feel the need to do so.

4. Hamptons Adirondack Chair

If you are the type of person who always has the knack for lazy weekends, then this chair is a definite must-have. The Hamptons Adirondack Chair has the traditional lawn chair design, and it is best placed outdoors, like in the backyard or by the porch.

This classic chair is made of wood, thus it can be bulky and heavy to carry. If you want to enjoy its full features, then you must first decide on the best spot to place it, as you cannot easily move it to another part of the house. if you happen to have a pool in your house, or if your home is fronting the beach, then this chair would be your perfect partner for sunbaths and natural tanning sessions.

5. Deck and Beach Chair Lounger

Finally, there’s the Deck and Beach Chair Lounger, an affordable deck chair that can be purchased at Walmart. It’s a practical beach chair that you can fold and set up anywhere. You can bring it to picnics, at the park, or at the roof deck of your apartment.

This deck chair comes with a light wood framework, making it portable. It also comes with durable nylon seating, thus it is guaranteed to withstand pressure of weight and force.

This is a guest post written by Andrew Scherer. Find more information on other ways to spice up your backyard at MyPoolSpot.

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