5 Must-have Interior Design Books for Your Coffee Table

5 Must-have Interior Design Books for Your Coffee Table

These days, we have endless supply of home design ideas. Apart from places we know and love, the internet is also overflowing with images of pretty spaces from all over the world. Despite the availability of easy online information, nothing beats having little books of decorating tips and tricks at your very home. After all, didn’t Cicero say that “A room without books is like a body without a soul”? Here we gather several design books that would not only look good in your living room, but serve as go-to resources from inspiration to completion.


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Domino: The Book of Decorating by Deborah Needleman, Sara Ruffin Costello, Dara Caponigro

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

This book offers a room-by-room take on interior decorating with expert advice from Domino editors themselves. Light and easy accessible even to the non-decorating types, the book cuts complicated theories of theory and proportion into fun, bite-sized pieces. Topics range from defining one’s style, to dealing with small spaces. If anything, the lovely book design also looks like a great decorating piece for the living room shelf.


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Decorating Easy: Create a Simple Comfortable Home with Pure Style by Jane Cumberbatch

Publisher: Quadrille Publishing

More than giving purely design ideas, this book by Jane Cumberbatch offers practical detailed notes on pulling off a room redecoration, mixing colors, and choosing furniture. With notes on use of space and basic structure, this book is straightforward and practical in approach. It also includes decorating tips (use white for spaciousness) and information on decorators’ tools for an all-around resource down to the finishing touch.


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House Beautiful Style 101: 400 Designer Secrets to a Beautiful Home by Lisa Cregan

Publisher: Hearst

Finding your true “style” could be a not-so-easy task and this book gives a quick quiz at the beginning in order to help the decipher, even just for a little bit, what direction you want your room decorating projects to go to. It covers everything from carpet to furnishing, and categorizes decorating ideas by style such as glam, accessorizer, and modernist. Tips from several designers are an added bonus, too.


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No place Like Home : Tips & Techniques for Real Family-friendly Home Design by Stephen Saint-Onge

Publisher: Wiley

Meant for the everyday family, prominent designer Stephen Saint-Onge uses his years of practical experience to create family-friendly home design solutions. Unlike most of the design books in the market geared towards professionals, this volume is meant for the real home and as such is made to be practical and yet stylish all the way. The book goes walks us through the design process from finding inspiration to budgeting to weekend makeovers. Truly fit for the family home.


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Decorate: 1,000 Professional Ideas for Every Room in Your Home by Holly Becker and Joan Copestick

Publisher: Non Basic Stock Line

Celebrated design blogger Holly Becker of decor8blog.com and author Joan Copestick traveled far and wide to style and shoot inspiring homes. With the help of photographer Debi Treloar, they have brought us a treasure box of full-colored design inspiration. Tidbits of design wisdom are also scattered here in there with well-known designers and decorators such as Amy Atlas, Jonathan Adler, and Kelly Wearstler giving design tips for an added flair. Chockfull of ideas, creativity, and wit this book is an indispensable home decorating read.

Guest author Maria S. works at In Style Modern, a company which specializes in modern furniture such as Starckghostchairs and noguchi tables. She also caters to interior design clients during her free time.

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