4 of the Best Landscaping Pinterest Boards to “Follow”

4 of the Best Landscaping Pinterest Boards to “Follow”

In short Pinterest is one of the newest (and now one of the most popular) social media sites to hit the internet. But unlike other social media sites that aim at letting users “connect” and “communicate ” with one another like Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is more or less designed to let “followers” know what their friends are  “interested” in—hence the name. Users scour through “pins” (images) of recipes, clothes, and so much more to learn how to make DIY crafts, make specialty cakes,  and know where to shop to buy the outfit on the model they like so much. All you have to do is double click the image and it will take you to the original source, whether that’s someone’s blog or business website.

Users can then place the pins they like on their board (profile). While some users like to go through the database of pins to  give friends hints of what they might like come gift giving season, most users like to scour pins just to find inspiration for birthday parties, weddings and you guessed it—landscaping and gardening. To learn which “boards” you should follow to get some inspiration for transforming and constructing your front and or backyard this summer, continue reading below.


This crafty little board, while beneficial for all skill levels, is ideal for beginner landscapers since the ideas suggested are pretty basic. Some of the highlight pins of the board include how to start a vegetable and herb garden (including which plants are good at reducing air pollutants), the aesthetic-appeal of outdoor couches, how to make a vertical garden, a suspended garden, as well as a pin that explains what woolly pocket gardening is.  There is even a pin that gives some tips on balcony gardening.

Garden and Landscaping

This particular board has some really great and unusual pins that can take your landscaping project(s) to the next level. That’s because it features some great DIY ideas like creating a garden hose hanger or a raised vegetable garden. There are also some pins that give some “practical” ideas like planting lemon grass to keep the mosquitoes away as well as some “extravagant” ideas like installing glowing flower pots to turn your backyard into an illuminated enchanted garden at night.

Landscape, Garden, Backyard

With more than 600 pins to scour through, this particular board is sure to spark some sort of inspiration for you next landscaping project, whether it’s creating a hosta and fern walk way, creating garden stairs, or constructing a man-made backyard stream. This particular board has pins that prove to you that possibilities are theoretically endless when it comes to sprucing up your front or back yard.

Landscaping for Artistic Reference

Last but certainly not least is the Landscaping for Artistic Reference board. Like the name suggests, the pins featured on this board more or less strictly serve as artistic reference (inspiration) since most of the designs featured are highly complex and require a construction team and a skilled architecture to make these designs come to life. But it’s still fun to look through and to know what some of your options are if you have an extremely large budget and a contractor to make these designs manifest to reality.

A freelance writer with a specialization in all things construction, Kristie Lewis writes about everything from working in the field, to household DIY projects, to choosing the best construction management schools. For more information, contact her at Kristie.lewis81@gmail.com.

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    Comment by Paul Orange: Aug 13, 2012 at 6:52 AM

    Pintrest is so handy for planning garden room designs and landscaping!

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