Tired of Replacing your Roof after 15 Years?

Tired of Replacing your Roof after 15 Years?

There’s a reason why asphalt roofing is losing the popularity contest. It just doesn’t last that long! Many homeowners expect to get 20 to 25 years out of a new asphalt roof but asphalt content in today’s shingles have fallen to an all-time low, which means lower asphalt content equals lower quality. ┬áThe quality of asphalt has gotten so bad that new shingles have began curling, cupping and shedding granules in just one year, and the asphalt shingle industry is in a panic trying to figure out how to keep fooling you. That is why metal roofs are gaining in popularity.

Another problem with asphalt is mold. Drive any neighborhood and look at the algae (black streaks) growing on them! Roofing companies had added a filler (limestone) that algae loves making it grow easily on the roof because the asphalt content has been reduced and replaced with a cheap limestone filler.

The bottom line is that when it comes to residential roofing, most roofs are replaced, or at least repaired, every ten years. Most asphalt shingle roofs have a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. Slate, aluminum, steel, and clay roofs all have life spans of 50-plus years, some lasting up to 200! Metal roofing, is impervious to the elements that often destroy asphalt roofing materials. So not only will you enjoy the increased durability, you’ll gain the benefit of its eye catching beauty that wont fade or get ugly. Because of this, many homeowners are switching to metal and never looking back. Business owners are already keen on this and many have already made the switch to metal roofing.

Realtors say, buyers are attracted to homes with metal roofing because they are more durable and last longer.  Put it this way, if you have a problem roof, you will not get asking price for your house. If you do get an offer, (you may not) expect one that is at least twenty thousand dollars under your asking price! No one wants to get an offer like that, even in this depressed real estate market!

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