Tips For Winter Rodent Control

Tips For Winter Rodent Control

Depending on which area of the country you live in, winter can present a range of serious and pressing concerns when it comes to the topic of pest control. Not only are there several species of pest that will be there during the winter, but you should also take that time to prepare for spring, and the influx of pests such as insects that are likely to occur as the frost recedes and the weather heats up. Here are some tips on keeping your home free of pests no matter what the weather is outside.


These are by far the worst threat to your home during the winter for several reasons. For one, most of the insects such as ants, roaches and flies that cause trouble during the spring and summer have either died off, are in hibernation or are in the middle of their reproductive cycle waiting for the temperatures to warm up. Unwanted rodents on the other hand are warm blooded and tend to live for several years as adults, meaning that they will be active throughout the year. Additionally, they need a warm and welcoming place to call home during the freezing months of the year, and homes are a prime target.

The first step you should take towards keeping your home free of rodents is to make sure that it is not acting as a magnet to them without your knowledge. They are almost always drawn into a home in the beginning by the availability of food, which is often in the form of items in the pantry that haven’t been properly stored in airtight containers, or even trash or other refuse that hasn’t been taken out in a timely fashion. Eliminating either of these concerns can go a very long way in keeping the rodent population outside from ever entering your home.

In addition to sanitizing your home, you should also invest in some rodent exclusion items such as copper mesh. This mesh, when applied in cracks and crevices that are otherwise inviting for rodents acts as an impenetrable barrier to them. They cannot chew through it unlike many other materials, and it will neither rust nor crack, so it is a good long term exclusion solution.
Should these methods not be sufficient and you end up faced with an actual rodent infestation, there are in fact several easy steps you can take to get rid of them. The two main methods of rodent extermination are traps and poisons. Here are the benefits of each.

Rat And Mouse Traps
Traps are great for smaller infestations. This is because they are cheap, and result in the instant death of the rodent, however they must be checked and emptied before being reused, which makes them less effective if there are a lot of rodents in the house. However for general rodent control they are a great option.

Mouse And Rat Poison
Products such as rat poison and the very similar mouse poison are better options for large scale infestations; however they need to be used with more care than common mouse traps. This is because they can be harmful to any person or pet that might come into accidental contact with the substance. This issue can be easily alleviated however by using what are called bait stations, which will protect the poison from any unwanted ingestion by non-rodents, but also will allow the rats or mice to easily access the poison and take it back to their nests. Because the bait will be spread around the nest and due to its longer period of action, this method will result in a much more thorough removal of large infestations versus using traps.

By following a few simple procedures, your winter can be cozy and comfortable, without you having to worry about providing a home for these annoying little creatures.


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    Comment by Bea @ NBC Pest Control Essex: Feb 28, 2012 at 1:22 AM

    Mouse and rats are my number one enemy. Well who doesn’t hate them anyways? I’m just glad I got rid of them at home. Food are indeed like a magnet to rodents so I really make sure I don’t leave some waste or anything that could attract them.

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    Comment by Suzy@mice extermination: Aug 8, 2012 at 6:28 AM

    Rodents are not only dangerous, as peddlers of infections, but may harm your furniture or small children. On our site there are helpful tips on how to get rid of mice.

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