Thinking of Trying Woodworking? Five Tools You’ll Need

Thinking of Trying Woodworking? Five Tools You’ll Need

Woodworking is a rewarding and entertaining pass time. Not only is woodworking a practical skill that you can use to create wonderful and practical gifts and other objects, but it is an extremely pleasurable way to pass time and keep your hands busy. Woodworking is an excellent hobby, and starting woodworking is a great investment of you time. There are some essential things that you will need before you can begin woodworking. First, dictate a well lit and tranquil space to work in which you can concentrate and work in peace. Also, invest in some bright, high quality work lamps. There are also five essential tools that you will need before you can begin woodworking.

Measuring Tools

Woodworking is like a science. It is extremely important when following a design or creating your own, to make and follow measurements precisely. Nothing is worse than a crooked door or uneven chair legs. By always having reliable measuring devices, you can be sure to have accurate and even measurements. When looking for some sort of measuring tool, make sure a level is integrated within the product. Typically, a level is included but should you purchase one without, you’ll be wishing you had spent the extra money.

Circular Saw

A circular saw is essential for any medium and large sized projects. Tables, chairs, doors, and other large projects, or smaller projects like dog houses and bird feeders, can be completed much more easily and accurately with a high quality circular saw. A circular saw enables you to cut large pieces of wood at precise measurements and in straight lines.

Hand Saw

While a circular saw makes cutting large flat pieces of wood significantly easier, it is important to also have a high quality hand saw on hand in order to cut small, irregular, or ornate pieces. A handsaw is just about the most basic form of saw you can buy because of its simple task. One of these can be purchased at basically any hardware store for relatively cheap.


A good set of clamps are essential to have in any wood shop. Clamps can be used for many different purposes. First of all, clamps can be used to stabilize a piece that is being worked on, such as piece being sanded or carved. Also, clamps can be used to help assemble, as wood glue is often used in conjunction with nails, and clamps can be used to hold two pieces of wood perfectly still while glue dries.


A router is a more advanced type of tool that is an excellent addition to any wood shop. Routers can be used to finish and bevel the edges of a piece of wood. This adds a professional and polished look to any project.

With these five tools, along with a tranquil work space that is well lit and sturdy, you can begin creating and growing your wood shop and your woodworking projects.

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    Comment by Maggie @ Sunsquare: Sep 13, 2012 at 3:43 AM

    Thanks for the timely post. I’m really getting all excited renovating our home using wood as the main material. These tools will be of great help!

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