The Fab Five Renovation Tools Found on a Contractor’s Belt

The Fab Five Renovation Tools Found on a Contractor’s Belt

Although many of the tools used by today’s contractors date back through the years, there have been some pretty fabulous inventions made in that area lately – and not only can these tools help get the job done faster, some of them are just pretty darn cool!

Here are 5 of the tools that no contractor should be without, especially if they want to be included in the “in” crowd:


Bosch Precision Measuring Tool

Gone are the days of using the old measuring tape. Say hello to the Bosch pocket sized precision measuring tool. This neat device can be used for measuring length as well as for calculating both area and volume. Try that with your old tape measure! Only four inches tall, this cool tool fits easily on a tool belt or even in a jacket pocket, and it has been named the smallest laser finder in the world.


Milwaukee Small Angle Grinder Paddle

For the carpenter in the group, the Milwaukee Small Angle Grinder Paddle is a must have. This tool boasts a 1,400 MWO motor. It also comes with a Type 27 guard as well as a spanner wrench, flanges, side handle, and even a contractor bag.


Milwaukee 12V Cordless M12 PVC Shear Kit

Milwaukee hit the mark again with the Cordless Shear Kit. No plumbing job should be tackled without it! This great invention can cut up to 2-in schedule 40 PVC in 3 seconds – leaving more time to do other tasks.

Because it comes with an ultra sharp blade with pierce point, there are no burrs or shavings that need to be removed. In addition, the offset blade is able to cut PVC that’s either in or close to the wall, or even in the ground. It also gives you increased productivity when doing repetitive cuts.


The LaserLine Cable Pull String Installation Tool

Although this one may not fit perfectly in a tool belt, it was too cool not to talk about. This labor saving electric installation tool will accurately shoot a pull line up to 120 feet. This means that time and frustration is ultimately saved by not needing to physically pull line through web trusses, across suspended ceiling systems, under sub-flooring or even over hard to move objects. The product comes equipped with replacement line and additional darts.



Vixtorinox Swiss Army Presentation Master

Last, but most certainly not least, the Vixtorinox Swiss Army Presentation Master can be used for work or play. But this tool is a bit different from most. The Presentation Master was actually designed to protect files with a flash drive that’s protected by a secure data encryption technology. In addition to a 32GB flash drive, this fancy tool also includes a ball point pen, laser pointer, Bluetooth remote control, a fingerprint module, and even a key ring. So, for big project presentations or even for keeping small project documents safe, the Victorinox Swiss Army Presentation Master is the one to have!

Kelli McDonald writes regularly for a handful of interior design and DIY blogs. She is constantly on the look out for new homeaccessories to test out and write about.


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    Comment by johndeniel@home renovations calgary: May 31, 2012 at 3:39 AM

    These tolls are mostly used for home renovating work. Besides these, P4X and P5X rivet type hammer tools are used for riveting, drilling, chipping and clamping purpose. They have great energy efficiency label.

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    Comment by ricky2london@ home renovations: Jul 16, 2012 at 9:25 AM

    These tools are very useful for home renovating work. I think following tools are also playing very important role in remodeling homes. These are hand tools like Multitool and flashlights, power tools like drills and combo kits and saw blades. The most important one is tool organizer because without this it is impossible to carry all these tools.

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