Erie Construction Mid-West knows that for most people, the home is their largest single investment, and the roof of the home is a large part of that investment. The roof not only protects the home, it contributes to the overall look of the house it protects. That’s why when it comes time to repair or replace the roof, Erie Construction advises homeowners to consider three things.

First, the materials that are used – Erie Construction Mid-West knows that different areas of the country require different materials. For example, homeowners in fire-prone areas should avoid wood shake materials.  Homeowners in dry climates may suffer wear from hail or excessive heat, and windy conditions put constant stress on any roof.  The Erie Metal Roof from Erie Construction is available in styles resembling authentic shake, and defends your home against fire.  Erie Metal Roofing also resists hail, heat, and wind conditions to protect your home from the elements.

Second, the warranty is very important. There are many types of warranties, and warranties vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. The installer should also provide a warranty that guarantees workmanship. The homeowner should examine these warranties carefully.  Erie Construction knows its products will stand the test of time. Its warranty policy reflects the confidence the company has in what it makes and sells. All products carry our 50 year limited warranty. Further, if you sell your house, most warranties are transferable to the new owners.

Third, and probably most critical, is the choice of the right roofing contractor.  For over 30 years, Erie Construction Mid-West Inc. has manufactured, supplied and installed quality home-remodeling products. Our 50 year limited warranties and convenient financing ensure that our customers are receiving the best value for investment.

So, if a new roof is in your future, contact Erie Metal Roofing today to find a location near you!

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