Replacement Windows: Combining Beauty with Efficiency

Replacement Windows: Combining Beauty with Efficiency

With the variety of new materials available on the market today for windows, many homeowners are making the switch to new windows mainly for the sake of energy efficiency. New windows can save homeowners hundreds of dollars per year on energy costs as their new materials and production methods help regulate indoor temperature.

But while replacement windows provide a big leap in efficiency, they can also do a lot for the interior and exterior beauty of a home as well. Oftentimes people look at windows mainly as a functional aspect of their home rather than a design factor. Here are a few design elements you should consider when looking for new replacement windows for your home:

Frame: The color and the materials used for your window frames make a big difference in the overall aesthetic design of your home, both on the exterior as well as the interior. Your window contractor should help you find the right interior and exterior color combinations that fit the overall color palates already present in your home. For an added touch, you may want to consider stainable wood interior frames such as pine, maple, oak, or other woods that complement the style of your home.

You’ll also want to consider the type of hardware that is used along with your window frame, as it likewise can have a big impact on design. You’ll want to pay attention to the styles of hardware used throughout your home or particular room on the door knobs, light fixtures, etc. and coordinate your window hardware pieces accordingly.

Grids: The type of window grid you choose also says a lot about the style of your home. Some of the more common grid styles are colonial, prairie, marquise, and contoured. For those who prefer a pristine view from their windows or want to keep a more contemporary look, no window grid may be necessary. If you’re looking for an updated look and feel for the exterior and interior of your home, choosing a different type of window grid is a great way to do so.

Structure: The structure of windows you choose impacts both their aesthetic design and functionality in terms of the ventilation they provide for. Double hung windows, for example, open halfway from the bottom up, provide great ventilation, and can go in almost any room in the house. Casement windows provide more of an unobstructed view and crank open, providing for more maneuverability in hard-to-reach spaces. There are a variety of other types of window structures on the market, and you’ll want to have your window contractor help you determine which design is best for ventilation, functionality, and maneuverability.

About the Author: Erika Potter is a freelance writer for Norton’s Quality Exteriors, the leading provider of Renewal by Andersen replacement windows in Utah.


  1. one
    Comment by Sofia@ski chalets: Jul 7, 2012 at 8:53 PM

    Great tips, personally I’m a fan of the double hung windows but I guess it all depends on what kind of room you have.

  2. two
    Comment by Custom mirrors: Jul 9, 2012 at 5:15 AM

    I agree!! Frame and structure of a window tells everything about it. Attraction of a window mainly based on its structure and its material. So I think we shouldn’t compromise with these two things while selecting a window for house.

  3. three
    Comment by David@Sound Proof Windows: Aug 18, 2012 at 12:22 PM

    Yes, replacement window really are a “design factor” as you point out. It is amazing how much a well designed window placement can enhance the beauty of a room. A great example is the picture you are using on this article showing a room that has great views of the back yard due to the excellent use of the window design.

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