Patio Furniture

Patio Furniture

Local realtors say as the current housing market continues to be sluggish, many are not bothering to put their homes on the market. Instead, homeowners are staying put and making updates to their homes. A big trend is to add more living space outdoors. To do this, many are sprucing up their backyards with new patio’s and decks. Of course, that means new patio furniture! The goal for many homeowners is to transform their backyards so it feels like they‘re on vacation all year round!

Furniture designers say, the biggest trend in patio furniture in 2011 is the porch rocker. A painted wood rocking chair can sit on your front porch in the warm season, and make a home in a cozy window-view for the winter.

This season, color and pattern have as much impact outdoors as they do indoors.
Color in outdoors furnishings is increasingly bolder and vibrant. Colors that you use inside your home or in your apparel are finding their way outside.
Pastel blues, turquoise, brown, fresh yellows and greens, as well as black and white are used to make outdoor furnishings more attractive. Patterns show a lot of variety, too. Polka dots, bold paisleys and stripes are all present, as well as solids. Local realtors say more families are saving money and not taking vacations. So why not transform your backyard and go on a “staycation?”

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    Comment by Gina: Sep 7, 2011 at 9:48 AM

    Color and pattern are indeed a big thing. In many different styles, patio furniture can suit any eye.

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