Never Worry about your Roof Again–No Matter How bad the Storm

Never Worry about your Roof Again–No Matter How bad the Storm

No one wants to think about roofing issues. It’s right up there with cleaning out or repairing your gutters. What every homeowner really needs to be aware of is that with asphalt roofs you are going to have be ready to make repairs. After a strong storm asphalt shingles are notorious for flying off and this leaves you having to scramble to get your roof replaced. The other issue is that asphalt just doesn’t last. It can require re-roofing every 12 to 20 years, with the average age of roofing replaced in the U.S. being only 17 years.

Asphalt roofing, being made of oil impregnated paper or fiberglass, begins to deteriorate as soon as you put it on your roof. Just normal weather and the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays add to an asphalt roof’s deterioration. A metal roof, however, will not decompose. And unlike asphalt and other roofing styles, a metal roof can withstand just about everything nature dishes out.

12-20 years is not a long time but it’s the max you’ll really get on an asphalt roof without signs of significant damage. Bald spots, worn areas, roof discoloration and pieces that have blown off due to inclement weather, are all problems you’ll see. So, while asphalt does have a cheaper purchase price it really doesn’t add up to be the cheapest option once you factor in how easily it gets damaged and how often you will have to replace it.

If all of this doesn’t sound like a very good deal to you then you really need to look into the benefits of a metal roof. Metal is a superior roofing material because it holds up to any and all severe weather including the highest of winds. Plus, home improvement experts say metal is most likely the last roof you’ll ever need! There are so many benefits to metal but perhaps the one that I like the most is that no matter how bad the storm, I don’t have to worry one bit!

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