Modern Kitchen Cabinets For The Home in 2012

Modern Kitchen Cabinets For The Home in 2012

With the modern design trend gaining in popularity, more and more people are updating their homes, condos and apartments with modern furniture in their bedrooms, living rooms, and other common spaces. With the sleek finishes, straight lines, and geometric patterns, modern design is taking over. While even those without serious design backgrounds are able to pull this look off in other rooms, many are hesitant to give their kitchens a complete modern make-over. Don’t be afraid of modernity! Bring your kitchen out of the past and launching it into the future can provide a beautiful, clean, simple, and effortless finish.

The basic start to a modern kitchen is having straight, clean lines. A row of kitchen cabinets along a longer wall provides a great start. The cabinets themselves are usually plain, flat, and rectangular, without any beveling or detailing carved into the wood. The colour isn’t quite as important to creating this look, because many different finishes can all have a modern spin on them if the cabinet door is styled correctly. The cabinet doors can come in natural wood finishes, or be painted black, white, or grey for a more high-impact look.


Many modern kitchens also have glass doors on certain cupboards, or sections where there are no doors at all. This allows for some interesting lighting accents, as well as a place to showcase dishes or accessorize the kitchen with pops of colour with things such as brightly-coloured vases.  Having an island in the kitchen, if your space is large enough, is also a very modern look. It continues the geometric shaping, as it is a large rectangular shape in the middle of the kitchen. An island is a great way to incorporate extra storage into your kitchen, as a major component of the modern kitchen look is simplicity. Unlike more traditional kitchen styles, where small appliances and other things are left on the counter, the modern kitchen style is characterized by its simplicity. Having ample storage will allow you to maintain this clean aesthetic.


The cabinetry here is typically the same as that of the wall cupboards, and will have the same finish and hardware, too.  The hardware on the cabinets is also important to achieve the look of modern kitchen cabinetry. Long and straight handles, rather than knobs, help to contribute to this look. The handles are typically sleek and chrome. Some modern cabinets have some kind of hardware built into them, such as chrome lips along the bottom of the cupboards, or don’t have any hardware on them at all. The chrome accents in most modern kitchens typically help to tie the cabinetry into the appliances of a modern kitchen, which as almost always chrome.


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    Comment by Mike@Mosaic Glass Tiles: Jun 13, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    It is amazing the trends of kitchen cabinets today. The photo above is just beautiful. There are so many cabinet companies and products it is just complicated. I guess that is the price we pay to be able to get what we want!

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