Make a SMART Investment & Stop Worrying about your Roof

Make a SMART Investment & Stop Worrying about your Roof

Stop worrying about your roof every time it storms. Asphalt may be cheaper initially but it just doesn’t hold up. Who wants to replace their roof every 10-15 years? If you’re tired of having to worry about your roof than you need to consider a metal roof. It’s a smart  investment that can make a difference in the value of your home, beyond the cost of the roof itself. The results of a study on metal roofing were presented in “Remodeling Magazine,” which found that homeowners who replaced an existing roof with metal recouped 86.7 percent of their cost when it came time to sell their homes. Wow, that’s a great ROI (return on investment.)

Here are a few of the reasons that metal roofing is such a fantastic investment:

*Durability. Experts say metal is probably the last roof you’ll ever need.

*Lightweight. Metal is far lighter than a concrete tile roof or asphalt shingles. Less weight on the roof translates to less pressure exerted on your home’s structure.

*Fire resistance. Metal has a Class A fire rating, indicating that they’re as close to fireproof as possible.

*Low conductivity. Metal resists heat gain. Asphalt shingles gain heat easily and hold it longer.

*Minimal pitch requirements. Metal does not absorb water and the seams between the panels are tight.

Many homeowners tell us they love their new roof and wish they had made the investment two roofs ago! Stop repairing and replacing your asphalt shingles every time it storms, once and for all.

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