Locked Out? Who To Call To Crack A Safe

Locked Out? Who To Call To Crack A Safe

There may come a time when someone is stuck with a safe they can’t open. They may find, inherit, or buy a safe and then find the key has been lost, or no longer works. Sometimes, they simply just forget the code to a safe they own.

Then, they are left with the question “What is the best way to open the safe?” The practice of getting into a safe without the key or code is called “safe-cracking” and can be performed through a variety of methods.

A safe can be cracked through a variety of methods. There is the lock manipulation method, which allows the user to determine what combination is needed to open the lock by the feel or sound of it, and does not damage the safe. However, even for masters of the skill, this method is time-consuming. Weak-point drilling is a very popular method where a weak point on the lock is drilled, and then the combination can be seen on the inside of the lock. The damage done through this method is easily mendable. There is always the option of using brute force to open the safe. This method, however, does damage the lock, often beyond repair, and may damage the contents.

The big question when it comes to cracking a safe is whether to do it yourself, or have a professional locksmith or safe opening company provide help. While it certainly is possible to crack a safe by yourself, it’s often better to have a professional do it. Cracking a safe takes a lot of time, and without experience, there is always the risk of accidentally doing permanent damage to the safe. On top of that, some companies have access to auto-dialing machines, which can open safes by guessing thousands of different combinations in a brief period of time. It’s perfectly legal, and the money put into hiring a locksmith is worth the time and stress saved.

Trustworthiness is Essential 

If you decide to hire a locksmith or company, do take the time to make sure who you are hiring is trustworthy and performs quality work. Stay local to keep costs down. Get referrals from friends and family, and look for reviews on the internet to know who in the area can provide good work, and who doesn’t. Find out if the locksmith or company, you consider using, is insured, in case something should go wrong during the process. Also, determine if there are additional costs that may arise during the cracking process, and make sure there are no hidden costs. Finally, just flat out be aware. A true locksmith or company will verify you are the owner of the safe, as well as ask for identification for legal reasons. Their vehicle should have the company name on it. If the above does not happen, the individual is suspicious, and should not be hired.

It’s very difficult to determine the price of a locksmith or company as it depends on many factors. Different places have different prices to remain competitive, and other factors may affect the price, such as if the company is insured or not. Also different types of safes will cost different prices, and the more difficult a lock is to crack, the more it will cost. Always ask for an estimate beforehand, and when the job is finished, ask for an itemised invoice, and double check to make sure there are no mysterious fees on it.

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    Comment by paul @ coventry locksmith uk: Oct 4, 2012 at 7:47 AM

    In the uk all locksmiths should be a crb checked to ensure that they are not criminals. Generally speaking locksmiths are genuine people, experienced in what they do.

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