It’s not just the Interior of a Home that Matters

It’s not just the Interior of a Home that Matters

If you truly want to get top dollar for your house in this economy, real estate experts say you need to attract the buyers. To do this, you need to make sure the outside of your home is attractive. Think about it, if the outside looks a wreck, why would anyone want to see what the inside looks like? When it comes to home maintenance, the outside is just as important as the interior of your home. Whether your house is on the market or you just want to rev up its curb appeal, consider an exterior update for your next home improvement project.

An inviting entryway attracts buyers from the street. Even the smallest of updates, such as a fresh coat of paint, can drastically enhance a home’s exterior. Choose durable exterior materials that can withstand the test of time and the elements. When selecting a color scheme, search for one that complements the style of home you live in, and consider using color to highlight and define your home’s architectural features. Driving around your neighborhood is a great way to pick your next color. If you find one you like, how about asking a neighbor for the color? It’s as easy as that!

Unfortunately, sprucing up the outside isn’t just a fresh coat of paint. Experts say, you need to pay attention to how everything looks on the outside. That means make sure your doors, garages, lighting, roofs, siding, stonework, and windows are in tip top shape. Make sure all lights are working and free from cracks and other damage.Windows also need to be energy efficient and leak proof. Residential roofing can also make or break a deal. Realtors also say, buyers nowadays do not want to mess with having to replace the roof, so it’s in your best interest to go ahead and make the investment. If you don’t, plan on buyers subtracting at least $20, 000 from your asking price.

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