How To Make Your Kids Love Their Bedroom?

How To Make Your Kids Love Their Bedroom?

No, I may not ask you to force your kids to love their rooms whatever the rooms are like. You can never force them to do things your way – you should not, in fact! Rather if you want to make your kids do something, the best way is to inspire them…

Likewise, in case you want them to start to love their bedrooms then you should design one for them. Well, well,well… you can always make it within your budget. I mean you need not to make it expensive. Or, if could spend $60,000, why not? But before you do that, remember that the overall room décor may have to be altered once kids grow up.

Next you may have to see whether the room has to be designed for a girl or a boy. This will further help you at deciding for color and theme of the décor: for instance, pink is the color for girls whereas blue makes a great choice for boys.

Once you are done with selecting color, pick up some interesting themes depending on to your children’s likes. One of my cousin’s sons was a BIG fan of Harry Potter and thus she got his room designed like Harry’s dormitory with four-poster hung with deep red, velvet drapes (I personally liked the idea).

However, there are other things too that you could add to room to make kid’s room interesting and a fun place. I have enlisted a few of them here:

Pick up bright colors whilst making sure that you don’t overdo it.  Vivid color treatments provide a cleaner and sharper look to the entire place. Or you could use a blend of neutral tones to maintain that moderate feel.

Get innovative with storage spaces. This could be a sort of challenge because of those excess toys, clothes and shoes that your kids own. But you could always use different storage cubes for different items. Invest in a sturdy bookshelf, dresser or go for under-the-bed storage. Also teach them to keep their things at place.

Put an educational equipment to let them learn new things while having fun. You may have a solid wood tilt n teach whiteboard for letting your kids enjoy writing and drawing. Or, simply get a wall in the room covered with a chalkboard (or painted with chalkboard enamel) – the space can be made to evolve into doodle-place.

Go for lofted beds/ bunk beds if you have two or more kids. You could even have such beds for single kid. Plentiful space below the elevated bed can be used for other purposes: say, for creating a study or play room.

Add extra pillows/ cushions for accentuating the sophisticated feel. Make sure you compliment bed sheets, comforters, drapes and other furnishings to provide the room a uniform look.

Don’t forget to decorate ceiling – either get a few items that glow in dark or a few lighting fixtures. Just remember boys don’t like fussy fixtures much. So, you could go for a simple ceiling fan if it is a boy’s room.

Cover the flooring with broadloom carpet or rubber mats to keep your kids’ feet, knees and hands safe while he crawls or play on floor. You may find them in brilliant designs on online stores.

Last but not the least; you could get to decorate walls or almirah doors with pictures/ photos framed in elegant photo frames. Plus, put some accessories like lampshade, coat stand, musical instrument, and a lot of toys.

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