How to Convert Your Living Room Into A Party Hall

How to Convert Your Living Room Into A Party Hall

cocktail partyThere could be so many reasons to be happy and celebrate with your loved ones. But if you are living in a small home, throwing a party could be a point of worry as well. The only solution you are left with in any such case is to turn your living room into a temporary party hall – with this you could make your party an evening that your friends would never forget.

So, starting with simple steps like getting few households items like Mobile Room Dividers or a home theater system you could transform your living room into an enlivened party space.

First and Foremost, clear the room for any heavy furniture like sofa, center table or dining table (if you have been using a part of your living room as dining room as well). Once you have an open space to start with, you could plan better.

Now, decide for the party theme- there are varieties of them including Casino, Big Band Swing, Cocktail or Eurovision Party themes. This would help you in planning for the party decorations. For instance, if you opt for Casino theme you may need a deck of cards whereas a Cocktail party would be all about candlelight dinner and sophisticated music. And if you opt for a Big Band theme you would need to arrange a dance floor as well. However, all good parties have nothing in common but music and fun!

So, the next step is to set up a music system for the party – make sure to wire the speakers for the surround sound as well as to check for the volume levels so that you rock the dance floor without disturbing anybody else in neighborhood.

Lighting is another important element that you may need to take into consideration. You could use your Christmas lights for this purpose – strung them around the room to set the right party mood. Also, put up some bright party posters on wall to accentuate the lighting effect and thereby the overall party space.

To enhance the overall decorations hang things like disco ball, artificial garlands or beads around the table (you would need a dining table for serving the food at the end).

You could as well create a sports-bar in the corner of the living room – simply set up a Projector Screens for movie showings (and if it is Cricket, nobody would like missing the match!). Make sure to add some ‘party punches’ including drinks like Beer Buster, Blue Mountain, Orange Martinis or Ale Sangree.

Finally, do not forget to place knick-knacks like hanging a trash can in plain sight or putting ashtrays – your guests may need it and it would reduce the clean-up for you.

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    Comment by pierre davis@How To Plan The Perfect Party: Feb 15, 2012 at 3:39 AM

    great transformation of living room into party hall., it’s pretty cool i really like the style, arrangement and the decors as well. I can’t wait to read more from you.

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