How to Clean a Marble Floor in the Bathroom

How to Clean a Marble Floor in the Bathroom

How a person should clean their marble floors in their bathroom is based on what they are trying to clean up off of the floor. The first way is for when a person is trying to remove some of the mold that can build up in marble showers. A person is going to need to mix a half a cup of bleach, peroxide, or ammonia with a gallon of water. The bleach is going to help to kill the mold while it is cleaning it. A person can leave the solution on the marble for 5 minutes before they wash it off.

The second way is for people who are trying to remove the mildew from their bathroom. This solution is also going to work when a person is trying to get rid of mold that is in their grout. A person needs to mix a cup of bleach and a cup of baking soda in a bucket. It is very important that a person uses gloves when they are working with this mixture. An old toothbrush that has a soft brush on it is going to work great when a person is trying to get into smaller places in the bathroom.

The third way is for a person who is just wanting to quickly clean up the marble that is in their bathroom. All a person has to do is to use a microfiber cloth and some warm water together to wipe down the marble. But since the marble tends to show up water spots a lot of times, a person does not need to let the water dry on its own. There should never be any type of water left on anything that is marble. The water is going to need to be wiped off as soon as possible.

The fourth way is when a person is trying to deeply clean their marble floors or counter-tops. In this circumstance a person can use some dish soap on a cloth to wipe the marble off. A person can also use acetone to clean if they have a darker marble floor or counter-top, then if they have a lighter color floor or counter-top, they can use ammonia to clean it. This is another case when the mixture needs to be cleaned immediately off of the marble so that the marble can dry as soon as possible to avoid any spots.

The fifth way is when a person wants to lightly clean their bathroom floors. A person can just take a soft cloth that is made of microfiber to wipe down the floors very quickly. This is something that a person can do on a daily basis that will not hurt their marble floors. A person could also clean their marble floors with some soap dish that has been mixed with water that is lukewarm. This is the only thing that a person can do everyday to make sure that their marble floors are going to remain beautiful as they were when they were bought.

The sixth way is to know what chemicals or cleaners that you cannot use to clean your marble floors or counter-tops. It is very important that a person does not use a few things to clean their marble. These things can include vinegar, lemon juice, or anything other type of cleaning product that might have some type of acid in them. This is because the acids in these things can eat right through the protective finish on the marble. Therefore, the marble is going to be very well damaged by those acids in the floor cleaners.

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  1. one
    Comment by Adelaide@Ultimate Bath Systems: Jul 30, 2012 at 4:25 PM

    These are all great tips for cleaning marble, but one thing many of us need to start doing is cleaning with chemical-free products. Using white vinegar helps to cut grease, odors, stains, mildew and other build up. While baking soda whitens, cleans, deodorizes, scrubs and natural lemon juice helps to kill bacteria.

    Everyone should take the initiative to use natural products to help them clean the house and keep our water systems as clean as possible.

  2. two
    Comment by Oxford Carpet Cleaner: Sep 6, 2012 at 9:18 AM

    Hi Adelaide, Are there any other practices I could put in place to be more ecologicaly friendly?

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