How To Be An Organizing Queen?

How To Be An Organizing Queen?

During the 1940s – 1950s, women were believed to stay at home – their basic responsibilities included cleaning, cooking, looking after their husband and raising kids. Men were to work and women, to stay at home as typical housewives. It was only during the WWII when they start to work as nurses in hospitals, as female laborers in factories or as teachers in schools. However, after the war was over women began to realize that they were more than just house makers or secretaries!

Today, a 21st century woman is not only the heart of the family but is a woman of substance. Her femininity is not confined to being getting married and raising family. Like men, they also take on social responsibilities and are for all the chores out there in the real world. But because of all this they have to deal with more stress than men do – after all, they have to give into both home and office. And, this makes it more important for them to keep things organized and make life a little simpler.

A few regular things every woman could do to be an ‘organizing queen’ at home may include:

Getting one load of laundry done every day – Laundry is one thing that takes a lot of time and has to be done every day. Make it a practice to put the load in machine first and get to do other tasks like cleaning up dishes, cooking later. By the time you will be finished with other tasks, the load would be ready to fold and put away.

Doing your errands throughout the week – Make a list of your errands and put it on a notice board next to your bed or to a telephone table. Try and blend them into your daily routine rather than collecting them for a weekend.

Cleaning up your living room before going to bed is another regular thing you could do to save on time in the morning. However, rather doing it alone make it a family affair – get your kids to help you at putting everything at its correct place.

A study has proved that every woman spends almost a year of her lifetime in selecting clothes for herself. By picking up outfits for the next day the night before, you could save a part of this time. Especially in the mornings when you are hurrying up things this habit of yours can make a whole lot of difference.

In kitchen too, keep cutlery, utensils, and spices – just everything – at their designated areas. Label the jars and other opaque containers to avoid searching for the right one. Also, make it a habit to spend extra fifteen minutes to clean up your kitchen after dinner every night.

One other regular habit of planning your dinner in the morning can save you a lot of efforts and keeping things organized in advance. By knowing what you are going to cook for supper, you can even shop for the grocery, chop up veggies or marinate something prior to dinner time.

If you run an office from home only, keep your personal papers, files or folders separate from professional things. Get a white board beside your desk to keep track of all your brainstorming ideas, important contact details or just ‘to-do-task-list’ scheduled for a week or a month.

In bathrooms, keep the counter space clear with wall organizers like hangers, hanging containers or simply separate baskets for different things.

Author Bio: Ruby Tyagi is an experienced guest author. She consistently writes for various topics including home decor; good housekeeping; home and garden and health and lifestyle topics.

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    Comment by Elysse Parsons: Sep 27, 2012 at 9:01 AM

    And now, everything’s even easier with the help of iPads and iPhones. There are even apps that can help organize your errands, priorities and even budgets, meals, etc. Life has never been easier, but of course, it’s still difficult to keep your house clean and organized, but at least we’ve got some help. Thanks to iPad. =)

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