Home Decorating: Traditional or Contemporary?

Home Decorating: Traditional or Contemporary?

It can be difficult to choose an interior design theme, so I’m here to inspire you! I can help you select the theme that would reflect your individual style the best. I understand that home decoration is a meticulous process and we need to consider various elements like balance, color, proportion and focus whilst decorating your abode. It requires effort to plan in advance what accessories you will need to decorate your home; you may need furniture items like Coat Stands, sofa sets, center tables; artificial plants or designer vases as home decorative items. Each and every piece adds to the beauty of your interior.

Home decorating is certainly an art form which allows you- the designer, to express yourself.  With the passage of time this art form has undergone a big change; earlier people preferred traditional decors that rejoiced elegance, classic shapes and modest details. Nowadays home owners like contemporary settings the more.

Traditional Decorating Lineage:

This type of decoration is more often orderly and comfortable with fine woodwork (crafted furniture of the same style – not even a single accessory out of place), carved moldings and graceful lines. Popular furniture styles include Chippendale, Queen Anne or Sheraton whereas accessories like antique design lamps, artificial plants, sumptuous vases and hundreds of books organized in shelves are put up in a room in a complete symmetry. Lamps are usually topped with fairly plain silk shades in ivory or white, and light fixtures exhibit classic styling giving an elegant look to the entire room. A pale blue and white reproduction Victorian Coat and Umbrella Stands placed at entrance doors would be gorgeous addition to these classic interiors.

Color palettes in traditional interiors consist of bold colors (blue violet, midnight blue, indigo) that add a dramatic effect to the decor. All in all, conventional interiors could be your option if you have a deep connection with old European or early American lifestyles.

Contemporary Style of Decorating:

Now, this type of styling is entirely different from the former one! Unlike the traditional one it provides a comfortable look to the place without being too dark. Elements like simplicity and sophistication define this decorating style. Bold colors, bare windows, high ceilings and geometric furniture are found in this type of interior. There is usually no space for carved details, floral prints or fringes in contemporary style interiors. Floors are typically wood or tile. These homes exhibit clean architecture. So, those who love glamour should go for this styling.


  1. one
    Comment by Keely Decor: Dec 6, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    I love to mix the two. Contemporary is great because it is full of interesting lines and shapes. But strictly doing a contemporary styled decor can be too overwhelming. Traditional is nice but can be a little boring by itself. So I like to pick a few contemporary pieces and leave the rest traditional. It makes it pop.

  2. two
    Comment by Freda: Dec 9, 2011 at 11:36 PM

    This is a nice style for decorating Homes either traditional or contemporary.

  3. three
    Comment by Penny @ Cheap Parquet Flooring: Dec 10, 2011 at 6:27 AM

    Me too.. A mash up of contemporary and traditional designs can make a good harmony inside the house. I’d go for more modern style though with a little splash of wooden decor.

  4. four
    Comment by Thomas: Dec 30, 2011 at 3:08 PM

    My house is so eclectic, anything goes. From antiques to modern, distressed to sleek, I find a place for it. I like sites like this one though, that inspire and give ideas, very cool.

  5. five
    Comment by home designing: May 2, 2012 at 3:32 PM

    Also me, contemporary and traditional designs are both beautiful, how much more when it’ll be combined together. I think it’ll have a nice output. Anyway, thanks for posting, I learned a lot from your article. God Bless! :)

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