Good Housekeeping Starts At Kitchen! Keep It Crystal Clean

Good Housekeeping Starts At Kitchen! Keep It Crystal Clean

Is your kitchen the source of frustration for you? Has it collected clutter that seems to be getting out of hand?

Are you nodding in response to the above two questions? Oh! To this one too… then you please need to get ready for the kitchen cleaning marathon. Kitchen is one area that has to be kept clean (ALWAYS). It, after all, is known to be the heart of entire home. More importantly, it is where the lady gets to spend most of her time cooking sumptuous meals (and, she has to enjoy doing it!).

So, let’s get started. Enlist all the tasks you may need to do and fix it to a notice board hung on kitchen door. Keep ticking off the task that is done till the list is complete.

Start with de-cluttering the kitchen. Discard all the items, appliances, gadgets etc that you don’t get to use anymore. Keep only the items that you actively use. Ditch all the jars and containers without lid or are cracked – they are not required anymore. If you have extra stuff that you do not need, give them to your friends and family.

Clean cupboards, racks, drawers and refrigerator. Before you leave for shopping the next time, check for items you do already have – no duplicates. Throw away leftovers sitting in the corner of refrigerator (women usually DON’T like wasting food, but at times, you have to) as well as the items that have exceeded expiration date. Rotten food breeds bacteria and may even contaminate fresh food kept in close proximity.

Keep gadgets like microwave as well as exhaust fan clean. The cooking grease gets trapped on to the blades of the fan and has to be cleaned every now and then. It may otherwise, ask for more efforts. Likewise, cleaning dried food off microwave interiors can be time consuming. So, clean it after use with a damp sponge (you can add vinegar to water to get rid of that bad smell).

Wash mops/ cloths and the hand towel regularly and use different dishcloth for different tasks. To avoid bacteria spreading, wash mops/ towels daily and make them completely dry under sun. In fact, change them on regular basis as they may be the biggest source of bacteria.

Sparkling clean sink is going to be your scale for cleanliness and thus keep it always empty and spotless. Wipe it with sponge after washing dishes – the entire task may take not more than a minute.

Make sure to wash dust bin every weekend. It is the only item that attracts a lot of creepy-crawlies!

Keep floors clean too. Wipe away anything that gets spilled over immediately. Mop the floor daily and wash it once a week. Wash ceramic or vinyl floor with warm water with mild soap mixed to it whereas wipe wooden laminate flooring with a mixture of water and white vinegar.

Wash your crockery or utensils (especially knives and spoons) thoroughly to stop bacteria spreading. Stainless steel utensils look great when they are spotless – no fingerprints or smudges should be visible on to them. For keeping the stainless steel utensils forever new, you can use baby oil or olive oil whereas for crockery, make sure to wash it by hands rather than putting it into dish washer.

There are a few more things that you could do to keep your kitchen clean in manageable portions of time:

  • Wash hands before you start to cook food or even after touching raw food such as meat.
  • Use paper towel for cleaning mess that is likely to cause contamination.
  • Wipe your phone and the switch boards every now and then.
  • Clean the stove after doing with dish washing. In fact, clean the stove-hood filter every month.
  • Use items like vinegar, baking soda, lemons or kosher salt for cleaning work tops.
  • Use different chopping boards for different type of foods including vegetables and meat.
  • Wipe decorative accessories every week.
  • Clean the seal on dishwasher or garbage bin every weekend.

Author Bio: Ruby Tyagi is a freelance Guest Blogger. She holds an experience of many years in field of Content Development. She consistently writes for various topics including home decor and improvement; good housekeeping; environmental aid; home and garden and health and lifestyle topics on behalf of Genite that offers a wide range of home, office, education or business items such as coat stand, office chairs,  audio visual equipment or white boards. 

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    Comment by Leo@Accounting: Oct 11, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    I think this is especially important if you’re selling your house because it makes potential buyers feel comfortable in the most important room of the house. I’d also like to suggest that reducing the number of accessories reduces the cleaning chores.

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