Garden Decorating Essentials

Garden Decorating Essentials

The garden is a special place, a world of colors and fragrances, and to some extent magic. To step into a garden is to instantly feel your body soothing and easing into the relaxing peace that these spaces evoke. When decorating a garden, it is important to enhance these features without overwhelming them. It is better to have a sense of whimsy and playfulness, than to try and control the area with strict rules of style and form.

There are many things which you can do with the natural life and plants in a garden to give them a decorative touch. Tall plants and flowers can be set in planters that can then be placed in rows to create pathways through the garden. Another idea is to use old pots and pans, or tin cans and other recycled and unusual items to hold various plants and flowers, arranged in playful and unusual displays.

A tiny bistro table set with whimsical drink coasters and table ware can become a cozy place for tea or lunch. It also allows you to create a romantic nook in your garden where you can bring someone special for a quiet moment.

A bird bath or a feeder is another way to interact with the natural world. It will attract a wide variety of flying friends who will come from far and wide to visit with you in your garden. This will add an even more abundant sense of vibrancy and life to the space.

But birds aren’t the only friends you can have hiding in a garden. Little statues or garden gnomes can be placed at points throughout the area to create a sense of child like whimsy. Have them peaking out from behind bushes, or bending over to smell flowers in order to make them seem more real. If you want to be really creative, hearken back to your childhood by placing plastic dolls or action figures in poses throughout the area.

A similar idea is to use interesting pieces of stone, or even wood and natural stone pieces carved into signs and set throughout the garden. These tiny signs can have humorous sayings on them, or may point out comical or charming directions to your visitors. Often you can get a local engraving company to laser etch a custom message into the rock or stone of your choice.

One of the most pleasurable things to do in a garden is to simply sit and enjoy the fragrances and sights of the natural world. You can help this along by creating specific seating areas throughout the space, adorned with benches or chairs where people can relax and lounge. Make sure that these places are set strategically, with the seating pointed to look out on some of the more impressive features of the area.

Illumination is another option that can make your garden fun and pleasurable even when the sun sets. Solar lights are eco-friendly and low cost but may not provide a lot of light. String lights and globe lanterns that are water proof and outdoor friendly can be strung along garden baths however, to create beautiful illuminated trails.


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    Comment by Herb: Feb 17, 2012 at 8:47 PM

    Agree, illumination makes a huge difference when it comes to garden. I would not recommend to use solar lights had some issues with them. Not reliable technology yet but very green.

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    Comment by Teyona @ Park City Real Estate: Feb 22, 2012 at 6:38 AM

    I love decorating my house and most especially my garden. I really appreciate the ideas about garden decorations. Thanks for this valuable ideas.

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