Five Signs Bedbugs Are Lurking In Your Bed

Five Signs Bedbugs Are Lurking In Your Bed

Traveling can be fun, but it’s important to bring home the right kind of souvenirs from your latest vacation. With the increasing infestations of bedbugs happening in the most popular tourist cities in the world, it’s easier than ever to bring the bedbugs home. What can you do to look for bedbugs when you get home from your latest adventure?

Five of the ways to identify bedbugs include:

Bedbug Bites
Bedbug bites can appear as raised red spots on the skin, to welts (depending on the reaction of the person being bitten). Look for bedbug bites that are consistent after spending time in bed, or at home and rows of three bites that are commonly referred to as breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Skin Casings in the Bed
Skin casings are one of the common signs of bedbugs and can be found on the sheets or the bed. The skin shed by the bug as they go through their life cycles can be shed onto the bed, and is similar in appearance to an outer popcorn kernel. Brown and thin, the skin that has been shed from the bedbug is likely to be found near the corners of the bed, on the sheets or in the crevices of furniture.

Brown Spots on the Sheets/Bed
As the bedbug feeds throughout the night there are often telltale brown spots that are found in concentration throughout the crevices of the furniture, the seams of the mattress and on the sheets. Look for these spots on the mattress to identify if bedbugs are biting in your home.

Dried Blood Spots on the Sheets and Mattress
Dried blood on the sheets is a telltale sign that something is biting you at night. Looking for these small droplets is easier on light colored, sheets. Switching to light colored sheets if you suspect bedbugs can make it easier to find out what’s eating you.

Live Bugs
Unfortunately, many people are unaware that there is a problem and pest control services are required. Live bugs aren’t often seen throughout the day and can only be seen in the wee-hours of the night unless disturbed (when they come out to feed). For this reason, you might want to consider using a trap that uses scents that attract the bugs or detection services like bedbug sniffing dogs – if you haven’t seen a live bedbug already crawling around the home.

While traveling, be sure to use the luggage stands available in the hotel. These stands can reduce the chances that bedbugs from the bed are going to make their way into the luggage.

Look for signs of bedbugs in the hotel where you are staying. Check around the bed, throughout the bed frame, the sheets and even the mattress before unpacking the clothes and other items into the room.

Upon arriving home from the trip check the bags in the garage or porch and bring items in separately, tossing the clothing and items in the dryer for forty-five minutes on high to kill bugs that could cause a potential infestation.

Following these tips for prevention and learning the signs can reduce the chances that an infestation is going to interrupt your sleep.

This post was written using information from pest control Mission Viejo technician. He was very nice and forthcoming with information on his industry.

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    Comment by Paul Orange: Jul 31, 2012 at 10:46 AM

    Yikes! It doesn’t bear thinking about, but thank you for the advice – never thought that you could pick them up via luggage and hotel suites.

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