Drop Leaf Tables

Drop Leaf Tables

If you’re looking for dining room furniture, particularly for a smaller dining area, then you should consider the idea of drop leaf dining tables. Even other than dining tables, drop leaf tables can be an excellent option for anyone who is looking for space saving furniture and design solutions.

What is a Drop Leaf Table?

A drop leaf table is one that has built in hinges on the top surface of the table. These hinges help part of the table fold down and out of the way when it isn’t needed. When required the flap that was lowered can be raised again. So a table for 6 can quickly transform into one for four or even 2 individuals. So when the leaves are folded down, the table at once shrinks in size and then expands when the leaves are up.

What can you use a Drop Leaf Table for?

Drop leaf tables can be useful for setting up an additional dining area, say in the kitchen or perhaps in the sun room for taking sea and so on.

They can even be useful in the non dining room furniture context. For instance, in the children’s room a drop leaf table can quickly become a study table when required and when homework is done, it gets folded down again to instantly reduce the clutter that may typically mark a child’s room.

In fact a drop leaf table can be used anywhere that space is tight and where you may not have the need of a large table all of the time. Typically drop leaf tables can be very useful for people who entertain a lot and need large tables when doing so, but who don’t need huge dining tables the rest of the time.

What kinds of Drop Leaf Tables are available?

Drop leaf dining room tables as well as other types of tables can be very versatile as well. For instance the most common type of drop leaf table is the rectangular one that can fold down into a square table in a trice.

Or you can have a round drop leaf table which can be used for various purposes in the drawing room, hall or elsewhere. Very often you have the remarkable versatility of the same table being either oval or square when it is equipped with drop leaves. You have a table that is oval in shape when it is expanded to its full size. However when you drop the leaves, you have a table that becomes square making this a tremendously convenient and versatile kind of table to have around.

Some of these tables, such as Georgian designs may also be equipped with drawers, and can be very useful when used as study tables, on even in offices and home offices.

Other styles such as English Elizabethan drop leaf tables can expand so much as to double in size when the leaves are raised.

So clearly, drop leaf tables offer a lot of versatility and flexibility for space saving and functionality.


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Sarika Periwal writes home decor articles and suggests using expandable tables to save on space. They are made of hardwoods and last for years without losing strength. Browse different styles of hardwood furniture for your home, office and outdoors. 

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