Dining Room Feng Shui Doctrines

Dining Room Feng Shui Doctrines

No wonder dining room is one place in the entire home that lets you spend time with each other. It indeed is a place where everybody loves to focus on food and dining while exchanging their experiences for the days. Thus, it becomes more than important to design and decorate this place with all your heart and soul. For this purpose, you could anytime trust the doctrines of an ancient art form/ science popularly known as ‘Feng Shui’.

According to it, if we bring together the main five elements – metal, water, fire, earth and wood – together in the dining room, we may be able to harness the positive energy of the space to the maximum. The science states that it is not only the placement of the objects that makes all the difference but the act of balancing the four elements is also of prime concern to garner the maximum energy from the entire space.

In this article I have tried to bring few of the points that could be of great assistance to you in creating equilibrium. According to Feng Shui…

  • Metal is one of the most powerful elements that bring in the qualities of grace and intelligibility. You could use metal accessories like a metal coat stand or umbrella stand, photo frames or coins to represent this element in the dining room. The metal Feng shui colours are Gray and White whereas the metal Feng Shui directions are West, North-West and North.
  • Water being the basis of life is important and adds purity, freshness and ease to the place. Exhibit this element with the help of various objects like colour (water element colours are Blue or Black) or different shapes. It is good to be used in North, East and South-East directions.
  • Fire is an element that otherwise could be destructive and hence has to be used with caution. However, if used creatively it does bring in the passion and energy within the family. For representing this element you could put up some candles in the centre of the dining table. The various Fire elements Feng Shui colours that could be opted are – red, orange, purple, pink or strong yellow.
  • Another important element is Earth that encourages stability and protection in your family. With this element you could feed your desire for innovation – simply, combine this with Fire to get unusual results. For instance, get an arrangement of artificial flowers in a crystal vase to be put on the dining table or in the corner of the dining room. Or, hang a fine crystal chandelier to the ceiling of the room.
  • Finally, it is Wood as an element that is believed to foster health and vigour amongst family members. It is the element of East and South-East of the room and the colour associated with this element are Brown and Green. Also, it is the easiest to represent – dining room furniture (including table and chairs, showcases or cabinets) and live green plants are two common ways of placing the element of Wood in the dining room.

Further to all the points discussed above, the five elements are definitely to be placed in harmony. Thus, always remember few of these points while adding them to your dining room:

  • Place water away from Earth to avoid pandemonium during lunch or supper. Keep it close to metal instead.
  • Pair Earth with Fire for maintaining healthy and passionate relationships.
  • Fire and Metal are two elements that do not go in together – they should never be placed close to each other.
  • Wood and Metal again makes an inconsistent pair. Instead, the Wood with Water is a great combination.

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