Dealing with refuse when renovating

Dealing with refuse when renovating

If you are renovating your home, then you will be producing a great deal of heavy duty rubbish and debris which will most likely require the use of a skip. When you approach your skip company, you will need to know what kind of skip you need. Good things to consider before you hire your skip is where your skip will be positioned, how far from the debris your skip will be and how you intend to transport your waste to and from the skip. Here we will outline some common skip terminology to help you decide what you need.

Cube Skip
Cube skip is the standard name given to the skips that are commonly seen outside of homes when renovations are underway. Often rectangular in shape and yellow in colour, if you are renovating your home and have a lot of bricks, wood and other debris to get rid of, a cube skip is probably what you are in need of.
Boat Skip
A boat skip is different to a cube skip in that it has an edge which allows the waste to be tipped out easily. This is a particularly good skip if you are renovating your home and will think you will be using the skip more than once. They are also suitable for wet waste, such as from garden landscaping or other more damp project.
Skip loading dumper
A skip loading dumper operates in a similar way to a digger or other lifting and dropping machinery and is great for site waste management. A skip loading dumper will allow one person to mechanically transport waste from one location into the skip using machinery instead of manpower. It is operated by a person sitting inside and has a four wheel drive to allow you to move across terrain which makes it very good for transporting waste to a skip in areas where there is a long distance between the skip and the waste you wish to remove, and also good when the waste is of a large quantity.
Skip loading ramp
A skip loading ramp is like a small ramp which is designed for walking to and from the skip. If you are using a very large skip, you may have difficulty reaching the height you need to use it. A skip loading ramp is a safer way of using a skip that is very large, as lifting weight above your head to throw debris into the skip is a one way ticket to bad shoulder and neck pain, and possible injury. Skip loading ramps provide a safe an effective way of loading a skip and provides a steady surface with good grip to make sure you do not fall.
Skip Lifting Cradle
Skips are traditionally moved via lugs which is considered to be a dangerous method of transporting a full skip. A skip lifting cradle is an arrangement of ropes which hold the skip from the base, is a much safer making it a much safer method of moving a skip.

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