Conservatory Dining Room Design Tips

Conservatory Dining Room Design Tips

In times past, a conservatory was typically used to nurture plants. The increased light offered by the tall glass windows helped the plants grow well even in the winter. Today more and more people have decided to move the plants out and the dining room in! A conservatory, with its warmth and its light, is a perfect place for a dining room. There are many things that you can do to further enhance this experience.

– Remove the carpeting and put down a hardwood floor. Natural wood is a perfect complement for natural light, and you’ll also discover that it makes your dining room a little easier to clean. In some cases, pulling up an old carpet will reveal a gorgeous hardwood floor underneath, so consider how you can make the most of your flooring.

– Enclose the conservatory in long pale curtains. Choose a plain white muslin for a simple Mediterranean look. Not only do long curtains protect your privacy, they also add a little bit of texture to the conservatory dining room at large. A small amount of fabric helps draw away some of the cold angles and harsh surfaces created by the tall windows.

– Hang some prisms up on the window. With all the light coming in, you might as well make the light more interesting. Prisms hung up on the windows allow you to refract the daylight coming in, creating a wonderfully whimsical effect for your dining room. If you would like something more artistic, hang up a few stained glass panels.

– Choose furniture in a lighter wood. While many people tend to pick a darker wood for their dining room furniture, the sunlight and airiness of a conservatory dining room really benefits from a paler wood. Pale wood lights up the room, and it causes the entire area to look more roomy.

– Consider wicker. Wicker calls to mind the Victorian era, and you’ll find that with proper cushioning, wicker chairs can be fantastically comfortable. For your table, choose a wicker base with a secured glass top. This is a good choice if you are thinking about adding some more texture to the room at large.

– Put some rugs on the ground. One thing that a conservatory dining room always needs is more color and more texture. A few rag rugs on the ground adds to a homey look, while a plush oriental rug gives the room a dignified, elegant feel.

– Create a master plan. The great thing about a conservatory dining room is that it is incredibly versatile. Whether you are someone who prefers the idea of a shabby-chic dining room or you prefer the look of polished Victorian elegance, you can create it using the right props. For example, if you like the Victorian aesthetic, choose embroidered place settings and fine candlesticks. For something more bohemian, decorate the chairs with cushions made of worn fabrics.

– Choose a color scheme. While it is completely appropriate to leave your conservatory dining room in natural wood or in white, you’ll discover that there are some truly fantastic color options open to you. If you want to emphasize a conservatory’s link with nature, consider soft blues and greens, and if you want something more vibrant, even touches of orange are not out of the question. If you are more nervous about the use of strong colors, keep them restricted to the trim.

– Bring in a short hutch. A hutch is a fantastic way to organize your dishes, and it adds some old-world elegance to the room. For a fun and funky touch, use patterned shelf paper to give the back of the shelves some color.

When you are in a place where you love the idea of a conservatory dining room but you don’t know what to do with yours, don’t worry. Start small but work towards a greater theme. This is a versatile room and you have plenty of options to work with.

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    Comment by room design: May 9, 2012 at 3:27 AM

    It helps to refresh our minds to know new ideas in designing our own old space to look like a brand new one. This steps will help each individual to follow the tips that you share to make it more beautiful.

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    Comment by Matt@Replacement Windows: May 9, 2012 at 3:36 PM

    What a clever idea about the prisms, 😛 it seems like a great idea to give a blah boring room more of a pop when people first walk in.

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