Choosing Your Home Driveway Surface?

Choosing Your Home Driveway Surface?

The importance of providing a home driveway for your vehicle is not just for the aesthetic improvement of your property but a large step towards a reduction in Motor Offenses and a more secure location for your car. Off road parking means your car is less likely to be broken into and will reduce insurance premiums and brushes with the law that are often incurred from issues including Tax and MOT.

Homeowners have increasingly built new surfaces to cope with families having more than one car whilst garages will often only provide security for one vehicle. Family cars are symbols of beauty and quality home driveway surface have a massive impact on the appeal of your house.

So what are the options available, and which works best for your home?

Tarmac & Asphalt

This is a great surface if your looking for a low key driveway that won’t draw attention away from other beautiful aspects of your house. Tarmac is a very durable driveway option and provides a wholesome demeanor and much to the home gardeners delight, prevents the growth of weeds. Deepening upon the quality of the tarmac and the upkeep from water damage, one can expect a driveway to last from 12-35 years.


Modern driveways are increasingly using concrete as a preferred option despite being an uninspiring choice for the professional architect. Weeds can grow in between concrete that doesn’t use traditional slabs although stamped concrete may well be a more visually interesting surface than luxury driveway options.

Natural Stone Paving

Stone Paving’s are a more luxurious form of a driveway surface as they are offer an authentic and non-manufactured drive. The royal palace effect can be seen when combining the surface with electric gates. Taking this one step further would be to implement cobblestone on the drive as a natural form of paving although it would require a greater gardening upkeep.

Loose Materials

Gravel and pebbles are a quick efficient way to provide a driveway surface and are an eco-friendly and natural option for your drive. Your vehicles tires will not be affected from these materials as they not sold through retail outlets with jagged edges and the required upkeep of new gravel approximately every five years.

Block Pavers

Mostly uncommon for the contemporary family home, these surfaces mimic the appearance of red house bricks and offers a natural beauty and great visual impact to your drive. The bricks are formed in an organized and tidy manner and are a silent and strong form of driveway for your vehicle.

When deciding upon the best options for your home you will need to consider the time to work ratio available so that you can keep up with the maintenance as a neglected driveway will lower the beauty of your house. Crucially a driveway must be able to match the house’s exterior so for example a country house would match cobblestone whilst tarmac could match a modern décor.  If the decision is becoming too tough than just opt for natural block concrete as this can work with almost any home.

James Barnett is an author on behalf of Pannone Motoring Offenses documenting research into UK Law & Home Driveway Renovations.

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    Comment by Sam @ Audi Norwich: Oct 2, 2012 at 1:48 PM

    Yes, it is really important that you choose your driveway surface because it could be good factor to enhance your home’s beauty and also to ensure that your car passes on a durable driveway surface at your home.

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