BrightNest: A New Resource for Homeowners

BrightNest: A New Resource for Homeowners

Ever wonder how you’re supposed to keep up with all of the maintenance projects your home requires? Well the good people over at BrightNest have made home maintenance easy! Just a few simple clicks and they’ll generate a customized to-do list for your home.

BrightNest is a free resource forĀ  those who want to take care of their homes. Customized tips, weekly reminders, and step-by-step instructions on home maintenance projects and home repairs. Creators Allen Shulman and Justin Anthony wanted to provide homeowners with a resource that had unbiased information and was truly one-stop. In a sense, the site serves as a homeowner’s manual.

While the site is still in beta, BrightNest has already compiled a wealth of information for homeowners. Upon signup, users provide relevant information about their home so BrightNest can generate a customized maintenance plan.

After logging in, users are brought to the dashboard. The dashboard outlines what projects should be accomplished first to increase “Home Health.” Home Health is only increased by completing the to-do’s, and the longer you put off the tasks, the lower your Home Health rating becomes.

Each project/task outlines instructions, cost information, time estimate, difficulty and the benefit for your home and family. The projects are short (45 minutes max) and can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail.

The site is amazingly user-friendly and easy to navigate. BrightNest has certainly found the brighter side of home maintenance. To try BrightNest today, register using WelcomeHome as your promo code.

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    Comment by Jim@Vivint: Mar 9, 2012 at 11:12 AM

    I love how so many companies continue to push new technologies so that our homes are smarter and therefore better on the economy and our wallets!

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