5 Ways to Change the Look of Your Windows

5 Ways to Change the Look of Your Windows

Summer is just around the corner, and it’s time to open your windows and let a little sunshine back into your home. Having natural light in your home is one of the best ways the beauty of your home can be enhanced naturally. However, beyond just having clean beautiful windows and a house filled with natural light, there are other things that you can do to beautify the look and feel of your home. Updating the look of your windows is one of the best ways to do this. Here are five ways you can change the look of your windows, and improve the look and feel of your home.


  1. To add the ultimate touch of class to your home, consider adding plantation shutters. Interior plantation shutters compliment any existing furniture and décor in a way that no other window treatment can. Plantation shutters are made from the highest quality products and are guaranteed to look as good as they do now in ten years. Besides the obvious aesthetic values plantation shutters offer you, they are also incredibly practical to use. They are easy to use, maintain, and clean. Plantation shutters are a great choice for any homeowner to look into because they look great and add class and value to the price of your home.
  2. Now if you want to just control the amount of light and temperature that comes through your windows, without sacrificing the aesthetics but you’re on a little bit more of a budget, blinds are a great option. Blinds do not have to be cheap, but at the same time good blinds do not need to be expensive. There are high quality blinds available in multiple styles at competitively low prices. There are also multiple styles of blinds depending on what type of style you are looking to bring into your home. Metal blinds are available for a more contemporary look, hardwood blinds for a classic and classy look, faux wood blinds are available which are perfect for areas with high humidity or a lower cost alternative than wood, and even vertical blinds are available if that is the look you desire. Some blinds even come with upgrade options such as cordless lift systems.
  3. While not as popular as plantation shutters or blinds, panel tracks are a great way to change the look of your windows and home. Panel tracks are great to cover large windows or for covering sliding doors. Panel tracks bring a contemporary look to your home, and give you ultimate control of privacy. There are also many different styles of panel track materials ranging from fabrics, woods, natural fibers and more. Panel tracks are simply sophisticated.
  4. If you are looking to add colorful beauty to your home in a traditional style, consider adding draperies. Draperies can add a soft or bold feel to your home, depending on what style you seek. Regardless of what style you choose, draperies dress up your window in a way that nothing else can.
  5. Now, while we’ve focused on the interior of your home, windows are visible from both the inside and outside. Dressing them up from the outside can be just as important as dressing them up from the inside, especially when your home is in need of exterior aesthetic help. Exterior shutters provide just the cosmetic accent the exterior of your home can need. Exterior shutters can absolutely complement any home design or style. They can match the general look of your home, or be a bold contrast in color to the rest of your home.


So whether you’re looking to complement the interior or exterior of your home, dressing up your windows is a perfect way to do so. It will make your home feel even more comfortable, look beautiful, and the value of your home will increase.


Trevor Price is a writer and marketer for Sunburst Shutters. When he’s not writing Trevor enjoys reading and the outdoors. Sunburst Shutters has built interior plantation shutters and window coverings for customers across the United States since the 1970’s.


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    Wow!! These are quite impressive things to do with windows. I will also install some colorful windows in my office. I hope it will give an extra charm to it.

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