5 Tips for Choosing a Good Moving Company

5 Tips for Choosing a Good Moving Company

When you look around the house after the moving company has packed and loaded everything, you have a moment of apprehension. You wonder if your things are safe with the moving company and if you will see your precious belongings again. You brush off the feeling because you don’t know how valid your concern is! There have been instances when moving companies hold belongings for ransom till the consumer paid more than the price agreed upon.

Some moving companies offer man with a van services at reasonable rates and are very genuine. You should know how to search for these companies. Use the tips given below to choose a good moving company.

Ask People To Recommend a Good Company – Most people have moved at least a couple of times in their life. Ask them to recommend a good mover or man with van London. You can also ask them if they have any bad experiences about a moving company that they can share with you. This will be a most helpful list as there is nothing better than work-of-mouth recommendation.

Collect Background Information – When you are shopping for a good moving company, collect background information about it. The best place to find such information is from the website of the company that will list its rates according to the distance and other factors, their contact information, e-mail addresses and others. Visiting the website of the company will also tell you if they provide service to the destination you need.

Visit MovingScam.com – MovingScam.com is a website that reveals the scams of moving companies. You can read their articles and message boards where users and members post a great number of moving related warnings and problems. You can also ask questions there and you are sure to get answers. This will help you research the background of the moving company that you are planning to hire.

Contact Better Business Bureau – The Better Business Bureau of your area will have a list of blacklisted companies. The Better Business Bureau keeps a record of all grievances filed by consumers and those that have been successfully resolved. If the bureau has a record of the company that you are planning to hire, then read their report carefully. Learn what the complaint was and the way in which it was resolved.

Visit The Website of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – This is the website of the Department of Transportation, U.S and you will get a lot of information here. One of the best information that you will find here is how to identify a rogue man and a van London service. These tips are given below –

  • The mover gives you a very good estimate over the phone without inspecting your belongings.
  • The mover demands a very large down payment for the move.
  • The mover does not give you a copy of Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move. Federal regulations mandate the mover to provide the consumer with a copy of this booklet.
  • There is no address, licensing and insurance information on the website of the company.

These are the essential points that you must keep in mind when you are hiring a moving company. If you follow them, then you will not be a victim of any moving fraud.

Brenda is a staff writer affiliated with Man with Van London and is an avid blogger and social media specialist!


  1. one
    Comment by Leo@Accountant Salary: Oct 2, 2012 at 9:32 PM

    I’m going to be moving soon, so appreciate these tips. The most valuable is MovingScam.com, which I’ve never heard of before, but which should provide a good resource on what to avoid.

  2. two
    Comment by Martah: Oct 8, 2012 at 2:45 AM

    Hey there, nice article. I usually use the first one tip and the BBB contact My neighbors always recommends me the best one for the job. ;). I actually never heard about MovingScam.com but it’s a good idea check there :).

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