5 Common Summer Home Improvements

5 Common Summer Home Improvements

As tough as it might be to force yourself outside on these hot summer weekends, summer is the best time of the year to make improvements to your home. You may have to dodge afternoon thunderstorms, but there are a number of projects you can start that will improve your home’s energy efficiency, comfort and safety. It’s best to take advantage of summer weather to make sure your house is in tip-top shape for the cooler months ahead. Here are just a few items to take care of before summer begins to wind down.

Water Restoration

Floods are one of the most common side effects of extreme spring and summer weather, and they can be extremely damaging to your home. Already in 2012, we have seen extreme flooding in the beginning of the hurricane season. Of course, water damage isn’t solely due to flooding and extreme weather. Even the smallest leaky pipe or washing machine overflow can create unhealthy conditions by encouraging the growth of mold in your home, often unseen. If you suspect a water-related problem, you’ll have to act fast.

  • Dry as much excess water as you can and spread out damp objects so they can dry.
  • Remove wall fixtures and ceiling fans to take strain off the walls and help wiring dry.
  • Turn off the electricity in any room affected by water.
  • Call your insurance company immediately.

It can be tempting to fix water damage yourself, but for larger damage it may be best to find a professional flood cleanup company like Accident Cleaners. Some moisture can be managed with a bin of DampRid, but others will require professional assistance.

Roof and Gutters

Summer storms will be a main culprit for a lot of potential house damage, so you should always inspect your house after a bad storm. If your neighborhood has a lot of trees, leaves and needles will often get pulled down on your roof and into your gutters. Leaving these unattended can cause serious problems in the future. Be sure to clean your gutters every other month and remove debris from your roof after storms. Piles of wet leaves on the roof can cause weak spots if left to rot, and clogged gutters pull away from your house due to excess weight or leave pooled water near your house.

Hit the Deck

The winter chill can take a harsh toll on your wooden deck or porch, so summer is the perfect time to make sure your deck is in great shape.

  • Pressure wash your deck to remove trapped dirt or mold, but be careful not to strip paint or sealant if you don’t want to reseal the deck later.
  •  If any boards are showing signs of warp or wear, don’t be afraid to replace boards to keep your deck looking fresh.
  • Once you’ve cleaned the deck and replaced any damaged board, apply a new coat of paint or sealant to ensure that summer showers won’t leave your deck unusable in the fall.

Keep Cool

Installing a ceiling fan in high traffic rooms is a great way to naturally cool your house and cut your energy bills throughout the entire year. It’s also an easy weekend project, since you can wrap it up within an hour and be feeling the breeze in no time.

  • Make sure to choose the right size fan for the room to provide optimal cooling.
  • Installation will be very simple and typically require just that you follow the instructions, which may be tough for some DIY-warriors.
  • Always turn off the power, and make sure the ceiling box is strong enough to support the fan.
  • Mount the fan to the ceiling and then add the fan blades, making sure to securely tighten all screws.

Seal Your Leaks

Unsealed vents, windows and doors can have some of the greatest impact on your monthly utility bills, leaking cold air and energy out of your house and creating entryways for insects and other pests. Apply weather stripping to your doors so cold air can’t escape and reseal all your windows with caulk to keep out unwanted pests.

Mike Cushing is a freelance writer for Accident Cleaners and Restoration, a Florida crime scene cleanup and property restoration company that also offers crime scene decontamination services.

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