5 Budget Friendly Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen

5 Budget Friendly Tips to Decorate Your Kitchen

A full-scale kitchen renovation is often one of the most requested remodels anywhere in the home.  It’s also one of the most costly, which is why it’s often pushed aside for those less expensive remodels you can actually afford. Even though it may be tempting to go in debt for your dream kitchen, it’s just not always feasible to perform a kitchen renovation on such a large scale.

That definitely doesn’t mean you can’t update and improve the look of your kitchen! There are plenty of budget-friendly decorating ideas that will give you an updated, fresh space that your whole family will enjoy.


1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint on the walls is like a new diamond ring on your hand – it’s interesting and exciting and just makes you feel good inside. Unlike a diamond ring, however, paint isn’t too expensive and is an affordable option for anyone looking to brighten their space.

A new coat of paint will make your kitchen feel new and vibrant, especially if you opt for a paint color that’s a huge departure from what’s already on the walls. In order to keep costs down even further, paint just one accent wall as opposed to the entire area. If you have an artistic streak, consider creating a painted mural on one wall for a wow-effect that will leave your guests truly amazed and a bit envious.


2. Cabinet Makeover

You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to purchase new cabinets for a kitchen update. Whether you choose to paint them, re-stain them or even remove some of them, a cabinet makeover is one simple project that will give you a great deal of bang for your buck. Take a look at those expensive kitchen cabinets that you’ve desired for years and mimic the look using paint or stain on your own cabinets.

These days, more and more kitchen cabinets don’t even have doors – they’re open so you can display your precious china and dinnerware for everyone to see. Remove a few doors throughout your space for a cool, modern decorating touch. If your current cabinets are flat-paneled doors, use molding to create a raised paneled effect for very little money. And after you’re done painting, be sure to add modern knobs and pulls for a completely unique space.


3. Backsplash

A new backsplash can add a brilliant pop of color to an otherwise drab kitchen. Depending on the material you choose, however, this can be an extremely costly endeavor. Materials such as glass, ceramic, porcelain and even metal are popular choices.

They can range in price from relatively inexpensive to so costly that budget-friendly homeowners could decorate their entire house for what they’d spend on tile.  Perhaps you love the look of pricey glass tile, but can’t afford to do your entire backsplash. Consider installing one row of tile instead of tiling the entire area. This will give you a spruced-up space, without the high cost.


4. Appliance Re-Do

Stainless steel appliances are all the rage nowadays. If you’ve priced them, you probably know they come with a pretty steep price tag, which isn’t really an option for the budget-minded. Instead of breaking the bank to buy new appliances, keep the ones you already have and make them look like stainless steel.  

Did you know that you can use film or paint to create the look of those expensive stainless appliances? The film is similar in nature to window tint used for automobiles. It adheres to the exposed areas of your appliance and resembles stainless steel.  If you don’t go with the film option, metallic paints can also give you the same effect for a low price.


5. Accessorize

No kitchen would be complete without those tried and true accessories that make it feel like home. If you’re on a budget, utilize existing items from other spaces in your home to add a new look to your kitchen. In addition, don’t overlook the thrift stores for budget-friendly projects you can do yourself. Old bottles, vases and even Mason jars look wonderful with a coat of paint and fresh cut flowers.

Decorate those practical items, such as canisters or cookie jars, with a monogram for a personal touch. Add texture and dimension to your kitchen by updating the textiles, such as cushions or curtains.  Don’t forget the dishes! Quit tucking them away in your cabinet and use them stacked in colorful groupings to create visual interest. Because the kitchen is the heart of any home, it’s also a perfect place to display your children’s artwork. Add a frame and voila – you’ve got yourself a stunning wall display.


Authors Bio: Guest post by Lori Wallace-Roberts, contributor to Bedly, an online interior decorating provider.

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    Comment by Leo@Accountant Salary: Oct 7, 2012 at 6:14 PM

    I’d never heard of the stainless steel film. Sounds like a great alternative for a spruce-up. But my favorite is the paint. Not only is it quick and easy — if you don’t like the result, you can just paint over it.

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